Gareth Coombs the Landlord is a London bred aeronautical mechanic, and met Thais in 2013 after she had moved to London to start a career in Food Marketing. Upon visiting West Sussex he immediately fell in love with the area. When the opportunity arose to take over The Elsted Inn the pair discussed the options and decided to take joint charge of the place and become business partners.

Landlady Thais Robertson grew up in the Elsted area, and has been a regular customer of The Elsted Inn for over a decade. She has also managed a few of the local pubs and restaurants in West Sussex and Hampshire, so has an affinity for the trade, and a good understanding of the local area and custom. Now taking the plunge into becoming Landlady, Thais relishes the opportunity to run her own place, together with Gareth.

Charlie the Head Chef has worked alongside Thais in other local pubs and as such they have become firm friends. Coincidentally, she was also the recent Sous Chef at The Elsted Inn under the previous management. Charlie is highly skilled in preparing wholesome, Countryside cuisine; whilst adding her own creative flair to the taste and presentation of each dish. Thais: ‘We would have always asked her to be The Head Chef due to our previous experience and Charlie’s indepth understanding the local area’s tastes; it was a huge bonus that she’s had two years working in The Elsted Inn kitchen before we took over!’.

Gareth, Thais, and Charlie have also employed a team of local, young, talent; whom they are keen to develop and train in the hospitality trade. Thais: ‘We are already making a name for ourselves as enthusiastic, accommodating, and friendly; and we are all very proud of the achievements of the whole team. We definitely have a great working atmosphere; and I strongly believe that this also positively heightens the customers’ experience.’