Below are examples of our dessert options. 
3 – 4 feature on every dessert menu – each £6.50

Mango yoghurt mousse
with a pineapple and chilli salsa

Apple and raspberry crumble
with vanilla ice cream, custard or Goodwood Home Farm cream

Salted peanut parfait
with caramelised banana and peanut and chocolate chip cookies

Warm chocolate and hazelnut brownie
with Chantilly cream and chocolate sauce

Elderflower and apple mint panna cotta
with elderflower sorbet

Lemmon parfait
with fresh raspberry coulis

Bread and butter pudding
with vanilla custard

Ice Creams & Sorbets

Below are examples of our ice-creams and sorbet options.
Approx 8 feature on every dessert menu – 2 scoops £5.00 // 1 scoop £2.75

Toffee and walnut, Coffee, Ginger, Chocolate, Vanilla, Winterberry, 
Pistachio, Mocha, Lemon curd, Amoretti crunch,
Rhubarb sorbet, Mango sorbet, Elderflower sorbet, Lemon sorbet