All our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, delivered daily, and quality approved by the Head Chef (she’s very picky!)

We have 3 menus; weekday lunch, weekday dinner, and Sunday lunch. Each is carefully constructed to provide a variety of options for our differing customers...

A note from the Head Chef

“Our kitchen is full of laughter, which I believe is really important as it leads us to be able to transport our joy and passion for food into the dining room. Dining is about so much more than nourishment and if we, your chefs, can truly love what we do and the atmosphere in which we do it, it naturally enhances the meals we create for you; and your consequent enjoyment of them.
                Our menu changes regularly, depending on what is available and freshest at market, and reflects the very best of what West Sussex has to offer. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the food, but also on the variety of the menu options. Countryside food is diverse due to the bountiful produce available, as such, I aim to make our menu flexible for all tastes, and full of natural, different ingredients, of course including vegetarian / vegan options.
                I am also classically trained, and aware that contemporary dishes are becoming really well known across the UK. Therefore, although Countryside cuisine is my primary focus, I enjoy adding modern techniques, tastes, and textures to the menu in order to excite the more adventurous of our diners.

I’m not sure what more else to say as my skills lie in getting elbow deep in ingredients - not words – so I’ll let the food do the talking; and we look forward to cooking for you very soon!”