All our ingredients are daily delivered, locally sourced, and quality approved (especially by the Head Chef each morning!). As such, we are greatly affected by seasonality, demand, and the occasional supply issue; therefore we cannot promise, ahead of time, which ingredients will definitely be on any of our menus.

We have 3 different menus; Weekday lunch, weekday dinner, and Sunday lunch. Every menu is carefully constructed to provide a variety of options, with all our different customers in mind. See the links below to see some examples of the types of dishes you'll find on our menus and we promise there is something for every taste and diet every day!


A note from Charlie Piper-Hodgson (the Head Chef)

“There was no doubt when Thais and Gareth offered me the job in their new team, that we would have a lot of fun. Our kitchen is full of laughter, which I believe is really important as it leads us to be able to transport our joy and passion for food into the dining room. Dining is about so much more than nourishment and if we, your chefs, can truly love what we do and the atmosphere in which we do it, it naturally enhances the meals we create for you; and your consequent enjoyment of them.
Our menu changes regularly, depending on what is available and freshest at market, and reflects the very best of what West Sussex has to offer. Much of our meat comes from Rother Valley Organic Farm, just down the road in Rogate and we source most of our dairy products from the renowned Goodwood Estate.  We even have our own local gamekeeper! So, depending on the season, you’ll find pheasant, venison, guinea fowl or rabbit all taking their places on the menu.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the food, but also on the variety of the menu options. Countryside food is diverse due to the bountiful produce available, and when I think of Countryside cooking  I think of my childhood home’s stove full of a variety of pots and pans with loads of different foods cooking away. As such, I aim to make our menu flexible for all tastes, and full of natural, different ingredients, of course including vegetarian options.

I am also classically trained, and aware that contemporary dishes are becoming really well known across the UK. Therefore, although Countryside cuisine is my primary focus, I enjoy adding modern techniques, tastes, and textures to the menu in order to excite the more adventurous of our diners.

I understand that our customers may not need a ‘full meal’; hence my lunch menu features smaller items and I have designed a Bar Snack menu including sausage rolls and pork pies, AND we have ‘special bites’ for events – such as our well received Welsh Rarebit on St David’s Day. Everything, of course, homemade.

I’m not sure what more else to say as my skills lie in getting elbow deep in ingredients - not words – so I’ll let the food do the talking; and we look forward to cooking for you very soon!”