We had a frightfully good time!

Not wishing to take ourselves too seriously – we thought Halloween was the ideal time to have a ‘kids party’ for adults. There were plenty of games, treats - and many tricks, and it was lovely to see the staff and customers get into the ‘spirit’ of dressing up! There was lots of laughter, especially with the marshmallow games, and the perfect evening for people to make new acquaintances (you get to know each other well when you’re locked together trying to get hoops on witches hats!).

The kitchen made a terrifyingly good selection of party food. Spooky spiced pumpkin soup, Cumberland style giant sausages in rolls, and alarmingly luscious lamb stew. There were also toffee apples and marshmallow sticks (for melting on our outside fires pits) for those with a sweet tooth!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported with decorating, dancing, and drinking plenty of our witches p**s cocktail!